Frequently Asked Questions

What is the RunPlusMinus™ statistic?

  • It is a single number that combines the batting, fielding, pitching and running on-field performances of players and teams

Why does RunPlusMinus™ claim to be the best?

  • It satisfies the five “CRAZI” attributes necessary for an ideal statistic. It is:

  • Comprehensive: derived from every player’s participation in every play
  • Run-based: measured in runs (real and potential)
  • Additive: game, team and player totals have real meaning
  • Zero-sum: Offense + Defense values always add to zero
  • Independent: player values do not depend on teammates, only on historical averages

  • Values for the 2018 Major League Season were calculated from 48 million data points
  • Here is comparison between RunPlusMinus and OpenWAR
  • RunPlusMinus incorporates the Park Effect

How can RunPlusMinus™ be used?

  • To measure and compare the performance of players
  • To forecast the performance of teams
  • To assist in-game decision making
  • To evaluate player trades and roster changes

Where can I read more about RunPlusMinus™?

  • We are publishing new articles on Medium that can be found here.

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